The Business Benefits of Deploying SAP BPC

Last year, we explored the business benefits of deploying SAP BPC in a guest blog post for our friends over at Symmetry. BPC is an application within the SAP Enterprise Performance Management portfolio of applications that supports the work and needs of an organization’s financials department and CFO.

Business Benefits of Deploying SAP BPC
A Glimpse at our Guest Post on Business Benefits of Deploying SAP BPC

In simple terms, the top benefits can be described in this way:

  1. Improved use of big data,
  2. Data integrity and process optimization, and
  3. Enabling smarter decisions–and decision makers

The official product page at SAP offers an in-depth look at the business benefits of deploying SAP BPC. There you’ll find not only information on the benefits, but also key capabilities of the platform, pricing and package options, information for building a business case, customer references, and more. It is an excellent tool. 

If you are interested in learning more about SAP BPC, we invite you to contact us for a private meeting with someone on our team. And be sure to check out our guest blog post for more information on the benefits we’ve outlined here.

COLLABORATE ’17: Our Session on Successful Analytics for Oracle BI Applications

One of the Oracle Community’s largest annual events is just around the corner–COLLABORATE 17. Thousands of our peers are getting ready to visit Las Vegas from April 2-6, 2017. The Vortex Consulting team is not only attending, but we’ll also have a booth on the exhibition floor. Even better, we’re hosting a session on successful analytics for Oracle BI applications.

COLLABORATE 17 Oracle Event Logo

Here’s the information you’ll need to find us:

Booth #1241 (You’ll find Christine, Matt, Dave, or Gary here, Monday through Wednesday during open exhibition floor hours)

Session ID #10337: “Oracle BI Applications – Keys to Successful Analytics”
Wednesday, April 5 at 1:30pm
“Jasmine E” Conference Room

Abstract: To reap the full benefits of an Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) implementation, additional configuration changes are required to meet an organization’s data, reporting and analytical demands. The range of changes can run from data model and ETL augmentation to RPD and presentation layer changes. Minimally, each organization will need to add specific data model elements and corresponding RPD enhancements along with individual presentation elements. Each scenario presents different challenges, but common threads are found that will help an organization provide valuable analytics to its users.

Objective 1: Identify the benefits of an Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) installation on e-Business Suite

Objective 2: Identify useful changes to Data Model, ETL, RPD, and Presentation layer

Objective 3: Lesson learned and gotcha from past OBIA implementations

For those gathering credits at COLLABORATE 17, you’ll earn one CPE credit for attending our session on analytics for Oracle BI applications.

Back to the main event–COLLABORATE 17 promises to appeal to everyone who works with the Oracle platform. There are 17 educational tracks to follow, allowing you to focus your learning in areas that most affect your day-to-day. Attendees also have the chance to connect one-on-one with Oracle’s own development and management teams who are behind the products we use every day.

Info for Session on Successful Analytics for Oracle BI Applications
Join us for our COLLABORATE 17 session on Successful Analytics for Oracle BI Applications

We encourage you to check out the official COLLABORATE 17 website to get more information about this annual event. And if you’ve already signed up to attend, visit the Agenda Builder to browse through hundreds of available keynotes, sessions, and networking events. Finally, here’s the page where you can sign up to attend our session, ID #10337, on successful analytics for Oracle BI applications.

Drop us a line if you’ll be at COLLABORATE 17 and want to connect. You can contact Gary directly at or at 585.394.8756.

Understanding the Value of Data Archiving Prior to an SAP HANA Investment

You’ll find representatives from Vortex Consulting at a number of industry events every year. From SAP TechEd Las Vegas, to regional chapter meetings, to last month’s SAPPHIRE NOW, we’re often in the crowds–and even leading presentations ourselves. In recent months, there’s one subject that has appeared over and over again as a major industry hot topic: SAP HANA.

So, what exactly is HANA? According to the official website, “SAP HANA is the platform for next-generation applications and analytics….(it) is the foundation for all your data needs, removing the burden of maintaining separated legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run simple in this new digital economy.”

Simply ILM, a Vortex affiliate company, provides data archiving services, including analysis, strategic planning, implementation, and more. In a recent blog post, they talked about HANA and its close relationship with an organization’s data archiving practices and policies. The following takeaways from that post outline just a few benefits of pursuing a data archiving implementation prior to a HANA investment:

  • Leads to Cost Savings: During a thorough archiving review and implementation, your organization will discard outdated and irrelevant data. This reduced amount of data means your organization can pursue the purchase of a smaller sized HANA appliance–saving you money on the upfront technology investment.
  • Simplifies Planning for Data Volume Management: The HANA transition process includes the development of a strategy for moving data from warm data storage to cold data storage. A solid foundation for this process is inherently laid out throughout the creation of an organizational data archiving plan.

As with any major technology adoption, if your organization is considering the transition to SAP HANA, there are many things to consider. Make sure the development of a new strategy–or update to an existing one–is a priority before you get too far down the HANA path. To learn more on the topic from our colleagues at Simply ILM, visit their blog.

Welcome to the Vortex Consulting Blog

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the Vortex Consulting blog. As we greet our readers and kick off this new communications channel, we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you more about ourselves.

Our Experience

Vortex was founded in 1997 by Matthew Wendroff, who aspired to gather the top industry talent in the SAP marketplace. In the nearly two decades since then, we’ve broadened our SAP offerings while focusing in on key areas like Application Managed Services (AMS), SAP Business Intelligence, HR Support, and more. We also offer the same sure-fit staffing solutions for clients that require Oracle support, in addition to consulting and DBA service support. You can learn more about our management team on our website.

Our Expertise

Vortex Consulting prides itself on growing to meet the demands of the SAP and Oracle ERP marketplace. We provide staffing services and consulting solutions in these key areas, among others:

  • ERP Functional and Technical Consulting
  • IT Staffing (Staff Augmentation, Contract-to-Hire, Permanent Placement)
  • Database Administration (On-site and Remote)
  • SAP HANA Architecture
  • Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS) Consulting
  • Applications Development
  • Production Support
  • Business Intelligence / Business Objects
  • ABAP Development (On-site and Remote)
  • Archiving Services / Information Lifecycle Management / DART
  • Custom SAP Portal Solutions

Our Affiliate, Simply ILM

Establishing a comprehensive data archiving strategy is a universal need for organizations of all sizes. Thanks to the success of our information lifecycle management (ILM) division, this piece of business has been developed as a separate company: Simply ILM, a Vortex affiliate company. Simply ILM provides provides data archiving and information lifecycle management analysis, planning, and implementation services. Learn more on the Simply ILM website and blog.

Simply ILM Data Archiving Logo for Vortex Consulting Blog
Simply ILM, a Vortex Affiliate Company

What’s Next for the Vortex Consulting Blog

We have lots of material to cover on the Vortex Consulting blog in the coming months. What to look for when it comes to IT staffing, important characteristics of an SAP consultant, and key takeaways from the SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference in May are just a few of the areas we’ll be touching on.

Do you have topics you’d like us to address in future posts on the Vortex Consulting blog? Contact us today and let us know what questions we can answer for you. And remember to follow us on Linkedin to stay up to date on our latest news. Thank you for joining us on the Vortex Consulting blog!