COLLABORATE ’17: Our Session on Successful Analytics for Oracle BI Applications

One of the Oracle Community’s largest annual events is just around the corner–COLLABORATE 17. Thousands of our peers are getting ready to visit Las Vegas from April 2-6, 2017. The Vortex Consulting team is not only attending, but we’ll also have a booth on the exhibition floor. Even better, we’re hosting a session on successful analytics for Oracle BI applications.

COLLABORATE 17 Oracle Event Logo

Here’s the information you’ll need to find us:

Booth #1241 (You’ll find Christine, Matt, Dave, or Gary here, Monday through Wednesday during open exhibition floor hours)

Session ID #10337: “Oracle BI Applications – Keys to Successful Analytics”
Wednesday, April 5 at 1:30pm
“Jasmine E” Conference Room

Abstract: To reap the full benefits of an Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) implementation, additional configuration changes are required to meet an organization’s data, reporting and analytical demands. The range of changes can run from data model and ETL augmentation to RPD and presentation layer changes. Minimally, each organization will need to add specific data model elements and corresponding RPD enhancements along with individual presentation elements. Each scenario presents different challenges, but common threads are found that will help an organization provide valuable analytics to its users.

Objective 1: Identify the benefits of an Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) installation on e-Business Suite

Objective 2: Identify useful changes to Data Model, ETL, RPD, and Presentation layer

Objective 3: Lesson learned and gotcha from past OBIA implementations

For those gathering credits at COLLABORATE 17, you’ll earn one CPE credit for attending our session on analytics for Oracle BI applications.

Back to the main event–COLLABORATE 17 promises to appeal to everyone who works with the Oracle platform. There are 17 educational tracks to follow, allowing you to focus your learning in areas that most affect your day-to-day. Attendees also have the chance to connect one-on-one with Oracle’s own development and management teams who are behind the products we use every day.

Info for Session on Successful Analytics for Oracle BI Applications
Join us for our COLLABORATE 17 session on Successful Analytics for Oracle BI Applications

We encourage you to check out the official COLLABORATE 17 website to get more information about this annual event. And if you’ve already signed up to attend, visit the Agenda Builder to browse through hundreds of available keynotes, sessions, and networking events. Finally, here’s the page where you can sign up to attend our session, ID #10337, on successful analytics for Oracle BI applications.

Drop us a line if you’ll be at COLLABORATE 17 and want to connect. You can contact Gary directly at or at 585.394.8756.

ASUG 101: How to Get the Most Out of the Next ASUG Meeting You Attend

As mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the ASUG connection at chapter and national events many times. And after attending these incredible events with so many friends–old and new–I wanted to take this opportunity to share it with others who may be joining our community. That’s why today’s ASUG 101 blog post is all about how to sign up for and get the most out of the next ASUG meeting hosted by your local chapter.

Tips for your next ASUG meeting NY - logo

Finding the Next ASUG Meeting Near You

First things first: finding an event. Log in to ASUG online for a full listing of all national and regional events: In some instances, depending on the chapter, you may have the opportunity to select your breakout sessions during the registration process. Review the options and hone in on what most interests you–this is the key for really getting the most out of the sessions. From the viewpoint of the event organizers, it lets them know how many people are interested in each track so they can accommodate the crowds with the appropriate room sizes and ensure speakers are set up for success.

After selecting and registering for the event, you will receive a confirmation email that will include a link to the agenda. Personally, I like to print out the agenda and bring it to the event. (Not to worry if you forget to bring a hard copy–there are always copies available at the registration table.)

Making the Most of the Day

Now, here’s an especially important tip for your next ASUG meeting: Get there early! When you arrive, sign in and pick up your name tag. Wear that name tag–it helps everyone! Maps of the venue are generally provided. (If you did not register in advance, you will still be able to attend.) This time period before the meeting officially starts provides a great opportunity to network with CIOs, SAP managers, SAP users, and SAP partners in the industry, all while enjoying a cup of coffee and maybe a light breakfast, too.

The meeting begins with a local board member sharing general logistics for the day. They’ll talk more about the keynote and breakout session topics, plus announce the date of the next meeting. Sometimes the board member will take this opportunity to talk at a high level about a national topic of interest that affects our industry. Following the opening comments, the keynote speaker is introduced. The keynote always covers an overarching topic that’s of interest to the entire SAP community.

Following the keynote, a mid-morning break once again provides the opportunity to network. Remember to bring your business cards!

After the break, the education tracks begin. A mix of speakers bring their own experiences and areas of expertise to the table during the 1-hour breakout sessions. SAP customers share their stories, while SAP partners may present on an industry hot topic, client success story, product feature, or other relevant area.

At lunch time, I suggest you try to sit next to a new face. It is a great opportunity to learn about different SAP customers’ challenges and successes. These events really do offer a learning opportunity for everyone.

Sponsors of the events are your ASUG partners. Partners/sponsors have the opportunity to present their offerings during the track sessions, or they can choose to exhibit only at the meeting. Business cards are collected during the day in fish bowls at the sponsorship tables for a chance to win prizes that are drawn at the close of the day network session. (If you’re at a chapter event that we are also attending, you’re likely to find us and Simply ILM, a Vortex affiliate company, set up with a stand alongside other event sponsors!)

I suggest everyone take advantage of the end-of-the-day networking session. This is a great time to wrap up and share once again your SAP challenges and successes with your community users.

In closing, I highly recommend you attend the next ASUG meeting hosted by your local chapter! ASUG’s mission is to facilitate education and connections in the SAP ecosystem and to continually expand and provide support to those in its network. The ASUG community is bound together by shared experienced, challenges, and successes. You have so much to gain by joining in on the conversations and presentations that take place at local chapter meetings across the country. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for news on upcoming events that we’ll be attending–I hope to see you at an upcoming ASUG event soon!

ASUG Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter Meeting: A Great Day in Dallas! 

On April 15, we were fortunate enough to attend the most recent ASUG Dallas/Fort Worth chapter meeting. With more than 340 guests in attendance, we were surrounded by an impressive crowd of experts and specialists from across the SAP community. And perhaps the best piece of news from the event was that it aided the sponsorship of deserving adult students in the SAP Veterans to Work Program.

There were seven tracks of content at the event, covering key areas including BI Reporting, BI Strategy, Data Management, Finance, Hybris, HANA Migration, HANA Security and Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and Supply Chain Management. The SAP community requested a facilitated networking session in advance of the meeting–and they got it! This provided an excellent opportunity to network and connect about these and other hot topics in our industry.

Keynote Presentation on SAP S/4HANA 1511 Announcement

The keynote at the ASUG Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter meeting was given by Kevin Reilly, a community advocate with ASUG. He presented a session titled, “SAP S/4HANA: What You Need to Know About the 1511 Announcement and Why Should You Care.” Hearing about his insight on the current state of S/4HANA was enlightening as he shared the latest updates and took questions from several organizations as they are considering their roadmap and taking a closer look at HANA for their organizations.

As mentioned earlier, it was especially heartwarming to see the ASUG Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter sponsor 15+ veterans for participation in the SAP Veterans to Work Program. The program provides training and certification to veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, helping them find challenging and rewarding career paths after serving our country. Students receive training in desirable areas in the IT industry, including SAP HANA, business analytics, enterprise mobile apps, and more.

ASUG Dallas Fort Worth Meeting on SAP S/4HANA 1511 Announcement

As sponsors of the event, Vortex Consulting and Simply ILM, a Vortex affiliate company, set up a stand to chat with and introduce our services to attendees. We had the opportunity to visit with several organizations following Deanna’s presentation. We addressed some specific questions regarding where to begin and how to solve issues in complex document flows. We shared tips on continuous improvement on data quality. We also held a raffle, with an oversized basket full of Texas BBQ goodies going to veteran Andrew Brija.

Our next scheduled event will take place in less than a week. We’ll be attending and participating in SAPPHIRE NOW, the ASUG Annual Conference, from May 17-19, in Orlando, Florida. On Tuesday, Deanna will host a session titled, “Preparing for HANA: Avoid Transferring the Junk Drawer to Your New Investment.” If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up. We look forward to seeing you at SAPPHIRE NOW or another SAP industry event soon!