I get it. We cannot indulge in yesterday’s ideas. We need fresh thinking to embrace the challenges of the new world we are living in. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud–all things that did not matter that much when R/3 was introduced. Now they do matter–a whole lot–and they’ll play a big role in your road map to S/4HANA.

Let’s take a moment to recall the transition from R/2 to R/3 and all the hype that drew tidal waves of new consultants into the workforce. As I recall, it was an undeniable benefit to know the table names, the transaction codes, the base concepts that were at the core of the SAP package. The experienced consultants had a substantial edge over the newcomers–the status of the veteran SAP road warriors becoming immortalized by the coining of the “Platinum” distinction. 

SAP S4 HANA Consultant with Upgrade Experience

What does that mean in today’s terms? Does it still have meaning when talking about the road to S/4HANA? Yes, I am convinced it does! Consider this:

  1. Strategy – The journey you are about to embark on will stretch over the next two decades. S/4HANA will be around for about 20 years to come, and the tracks you lay and the switches you build will define your path substantially for the short- and medium-term future. You want to avoid costly dead-end streets, redos, and endless construction sites by putting a solid road map in place, based on a mix of strategy that is rooted in experience paired with new, fresh thinking that can lead you into the future. 
  1. Experience – As exciting as it may appear, not every wheel needs to be reinvented. Some of the new functionality in S/4HANA needs to be questioned for usefulness. Take the banking configuration that forced you to go into Fiori for no good reason–SAP got the feedback from experience in the market and brought the good old transaction code back.
  1. Insight – You had to be there before to truly understand things. To appreciate the deeper sense of the very thing in front of your eyes, you might want to have seen it before! Not everything entertains the idea of love at first sight, and not everything that is blissfully charming at first sight is the right thing for your business in the long run. Insight comes with experience.
  1. Results – You may enjoy teaching and training new resources, but it should be your resources and not the ones of your systems integration partner. When working with seasoned resources that made the transition to the S/4 world you will find a willingness to see things through, paired with experience–and success stories–from having done it before.  
SAP Consultants with S/4 HANA Upgrade Experience

In my opinion, it makes good sense to consider an SAP provider like Vortex that can be a partner on your journey to S/4HANA. We bring pre-screened, experienced resources to the table who understand the strategic aspects of your business and the hands-on elements of the S/4HANA package, and who have demonstrated knowledge out in the field. All of our people have 10+ years of experience in SAP, many of them with even 20 or more years.

Neither old nor new is good or bad by itself. But think about the effort that the experienced consultants have put in to reinvent themselves as new S/4HANA implementers. You want this determination on your side when the weather turns bad and the sea gets rough! You are the captain, and you need an advisor at your side who knows the cliffs by heart. Give us a call and we’ll help you navigate whatever challenges lie ahead.