ABAP Development Solutions for SAP

Many companies struggle to find balance for their ABAP development needs on ongoing projects and production support. Vortex offers tailored solutions, from complete outsourcing of your ABAP development to backfilling your ABAP support work with remote resources. We customize our approach to meet your company’s specific needs.    

We feature a very strong roster of talent, with our average consultant possessing 10-15 years of ABAP development experience, strong communication skills, and functional business process knowledge. Our consultants code, test, document, and support their solutions and will work with your functional team or business to lead the overall development effort.  

ABAP Development Staffing Options: Customized Solutions 

Vortex Consulting offers complete flexibility to provide you with the best ABAP staffing and development solutions:

On-site or Remote: Our highly skilled ABAP programmers are available to work alongside your staff, on-site at your location. If it better suits your business, they can handle all responsibilities remotely, whether it be as a project leader or support team member. 

Flexible Contracts: If you know that long-term support is needed, a contract period of 6 or 12 months provides a guaranteed, dependable resource for your ABAP development needs. For those with less defined, or shorter-term needs, an hours-based approach is an excellent solution that doesn't require a months-long contract. Blocks of hours can be purchased as needed, depending on project progress and your organization's evolving needs. 

Project Management: ABAP development consultants can be managed as part of your project team or via remote project management. We'll help you identify the best approach and position both you and the consultant(s) for seamless transition as they join your team.