SAP Data Archiving Services

Archiving StorageMany companies are overwhelmed with the prospect of archiving their data, while IT organizations are challenged to convince the business to pursue a large and complex archiving project. Vortex Consulting offers a solution to this dilemma with ILM Express™ services. 

The ILM Express™ menu of services offers an unequalled combination of expertise with practical, sustainable solutions that can be custom-selected to meet the individual needs of your company. With a sensible project approach, we can demonstrate and deliver enhanced ROI:

  • Increase system performance
  • Eliminate redundant data
  • Assist with establishing data retention practices in our customers' auditable SAP environments
  • Reduce the cost of database upgrades and maintenance

Our approach can fit with the availability of technical and functional participation from the client and is built on proprietary methodologies for scoping, implementing, and sustaining ILM practices.

Archiving Express™ Assessment

With our fixed price package, the Archiving Express™ Assessment will provide you a roadmap of both short- and long-term opportunities. The deliverables of this package include:

  • Data retention risk analysis 
  • Database analysis extending beyond usual database growth and sizing statistics 
  • Comprehensive list of archiving objects for your system
  • Decision support for scoping DART and how it fits your system's archiving strategy 
  • Outline of archive retrieval tools available in your existing environment
  • Quantified fast-track data reduction opportunities to implement now
  • Archive rollout sequencing with business and technical factors considered 

ILM Express™ – Full-Service ILM Delivery

ILM Express™ solves even the most complex archiving scenarios, while creating compliant-minded Information Lifecycle Management practices. After the Archiving Express™ Assessment, we help our customers solve the vast drivers and challenges for archiving:

  • Fast-track data reduction to jump-start archiving initiatives
  • Archiving and DART project delivery, enabling ILM practices to go the distance
  • Maintenance outsourcing to sustain ROI and productive archiving and DART
  • Retooling archiving and DART to tune up non-productive processes