FSCM / Receivables Management for SAP

In today's difficult economic times, companies are trying to do more with less by finding ways to improve workforce automation and cut expenses. SAP's Receivables Management module (formerly known as FSCM) provides functionality to streamline your cash collection process and reduce your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).   

With Vortex Consulting's Quick Start Receivables Management Service, you can have a basic blueprint in place in three weeks or less for Collections and Dispute Management, Credit Management, or Biller Direct–depending on the complexity of your accounts receivable and collections environment.   

Collections and Dispute Management Packaged Solution

Vortex Consulting offers a packaged Collections and Dispute Management solution with basic enhancements and workflows that can be implemented in just four months. Our SAP Receivables Management package offers multiple benefits in various key areas:

Collections Management
  • Evaluate, identify, and prioritize accounts
  • Collect receivables proactively
  • External and internal business partners collection 
Dispute Management
  • Identify issues and disputes earlier in the payment cycle
  • Track and monitor disputes
  • Streamline dispute resolution
  • Improve efficiency through smarter workflows
Credit Management
  • Control your customer credit exposure
  • Optimize terms for your customers
  • Reduce amount of bad or doubtful debt
Biller Direct
  • Electronic invoicing for businesses
  • Electronic payment for customers