One of the Oracle Community’s largest annual events is just around the corner–COLLABORATE 17. Thousands of our peers are getting ready to visit Las Vegas from April 2-6, 2017. The Vortex Consulting team is not only attending, but we’ll also have a booth on the exhibition floor. Even better, we’re hosting a session on successful analytics for Oracle BI applications.

Here’s the information you’ll need to find us:

Booth #1241 (You’ll find Christine, Matt, Dave, or Gary here, Monday through Wednesday during open exhibition floor hours)

Session ID #10337: “Oracle BI Applications – Keys to Successful Analytics”
Wednesday, April 5 at 1:30pm
“Jasmine E” Conference Room

Abstract: To reap the full benefits of an Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) implementation, additional configuration changes are required to meet an organization’s data, reporting and analytical demands. The range of changes can run from data model and ETL augmentation to RPD and presentation layer changes. Minimally, each organization will need to add specific data model elements and corresponding RPD enhancements along with individual presentation elements. Each scenario presents different challenges, but common threads are found that will help an organization provide valuable analytics to its users.

Objective 1: Identify the benefits of an Oracle BI Applications (OBIA) installation on e-Business Suite

Objective 2: Identify useful changes to Data Model, ETL, RPD, and Presentation layer

Objective 3: Lesson learned and gotcha from past OBIA implementations

For those gathering credits at COLLABORATE 17, you’ll earn one CPE credit for attending our session on analytics for Oracle BI applications.

Back to the main event–COLLABORATE 17 promises to appeal to everyone who works with the Oracle platform. There are 17 educational tracks to follow, allowing you to focus your learning in areas that most affect your day-to-day. Attendees also have the chance to connect one-on-one with Oracle’s own development and management teams who are behind the products we use every day.

Join us for our COLLABORATE 17 session on Successful Analytics for Oracle BI Applications

We encourage you to check out the official COLLABORATE 17 website to get more information about this annual event. And if you’ve already signed up to attend, visit the Agenda Builder to browse through hundreds of available keynotes, sessions, and networking events. Finally, here’s the page where you can sign up to attend our session, ID #10337, on successful analytics for Oracle BI applications.

Drop us a line if you’ll be at COLLABORATE 17 and want to connect. You can contact Gary directly at or at 585.394.8756.