Time Zones in SAP: Let’s Dig In

“Can you figure out why all these EDI 214 Transportation Carrier Status messages were failing?” I was asked almost 20 years ago.

The EDI message was failing a validation in SAP because the carrier was indicating they were arriving before …

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Understanding Programs vs. Projects: Governance Series, Part I

Welcome to our 4-part blog series on program and project governance. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, being effective at both is crucial for organizations to successfully implement their strategic initiatives. In this series, we will explore the key …

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SAP TechEd 2023: Major SAP Features Announced

SAP TechEd is an annual conference organized by SAP. It is designed for developers, technology professionals, and business stakeholders to come together and learn about the latest SAP technologies, strategies, and innovations. Attendees can attend sessions, workshops, and hands-on training …

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