SAP GT Demystified: SAP Model Company

This may be a strange thing to open with, but stick with me… Laziness–at least a bit of it–can be a good thing. In my view, a healthy dash of laziness coupled with a pinch of procrastination usually leads to …

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SAP Global Template Demystified: Governance

Boring. Dull. Beige. Unnecessary. Overhead. You’ve heard it all when it comes to governance. It’s known to lack excitement in the eyes of many consultants and even IT decision makers. Who wants to deal with budgets and committees when you …

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SAP Global Template Demystified

Welcome to the first in a new series on the Vortex Consulting blog. Join us over the next few months as we explore the ins and outs of SAP Global Template.

It isn’t about configuration. It isn’t the business process. …

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