SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) is the premier product for planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidating legal and management business components. 

SAP BPC provides a robust database with exceptional performance through SAP S/4HANA. It combines business process automation (BPF) and logic capabilities (Script logic/Fox formula). The module is highly scalable, resulting in a truly customized Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution. The BPC platform enables the integration of business planning with overarching strategy, performance, operations, and financial processes. 

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation provides workflow functionality through Business Process Flows (BPFs) for both financial and operational processes. It is also used to organize corporate planning, budgeting, and forecasting, including input forms, reports, books, and dashboards.

The SAP BPC interface is extremely user-friendly, and, with native Excel integration, provides users with a familiar experience. 

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation: 4 Core Business Processes

1) Planning
The planning component is part of any long-term ERP strategy. Some organizations use models with a long-range planning view that span years into the future. These plans are usually at a higher level than any immediate budget or forecast.  

2) Budgeting
A budget cycle is typically a full outlook for the upcoming year based on your business calendar. Users can initiate budgeting activities with predefined assumptions or targets (a “top-down” approach), or begin with a set of detailed inputs from various businesses across the organization (“bottom-up”). It is quite common for organizations to develop a budget with a combination of both top-down and bottom-up assumptions, with multiple versions being developed during an iterative and collaborative process. 

3) Forecasting
A forecast cycle generally consists of a 12-month outlook at business operations. In some cases, a rolling forecast is employed, which looks at the remaining months of the calendar year along with a full 12 months into the future. SAP BPC seamlessly combines the actual periods with forecast periods into different categories or versions. This facilitates more efficient reporting and analysis as well as allowing users to easily compare the current forecast to previous forecast periods. 

4) Consolidations
SAP Business Planning and Consolidation has robust legal and management consolidation capabilities built in to its platform. Consolidation features include currency translation, inter-company eliminations, allocations, partial ownership, equity pick-up, journals, and reporting and analysis. 

Legal and Management Reporting & Analysis

SAP BPC enables a wide variety of reporting and analysis formats, including what-if scenarios with real-time modeling. Users can easily develop both ad hoc and production reports, including formatted financial statements. Reporting and analysis features include profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements to accommodate internal and external financial reporting requirements.

SAP BPC Demo and Discussion

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